In 1961, when Mr. Jose Fernandez first learned of the famed Michelotti designed Ferrari 340 America, his world was forever changed. From that moment in time, he made it his mission to capture the essence of these incredible vehicles in a car he would design and build for his own. This is the story of the coachbuilt Ferrari 330GT Speciale.


Mr. Fernandez dreamed of taking his 1966 Ferrari 330 GT (Serial #7877) and rebodying it in authentic Carrozzeria fashion, as a respectful tribute to the genius of Giovanni Michelotti.

Using several of Michelotti’s original design sketches and referencing Michelotti-designed racing Ferraris of the early 1950s, Mr. Fernandez perfected his personal take on these timeless classics, confirmed his approach, and set off to complete the project of a lifetime.

It’s never easy cutting into a Ferrari, but, in true coachbuilding fashion, the drive to introduce design, craft and passion requires risk. And as with all great automotive design houses in the past, this risk can be met with incredible reward when new ideas are revealed to the world.

It is with this tradition that the 330 GT Speciale project took shape. The results speak for themselves.


The project began with the original Ferrari 330 chassis and running gear modified to conform to the smaller profile of the 340 America, the Michelloti-designed Ferrari most closely related to this Speciale.

From there, a completely new, all-aluminum, hand-formed body was created with traditional methodology using a manichino and authentic Carrozzeria techniques. Original parts and materials were carefully sourced, restored, fabricated and assembled with the handcrafted leather interior trimmed.

The ultimate homage to Michelotti, Ferrari and the lost art of custom coachbuilding was completed in July of 2018. Mr. Fernandez’s coachbuilt 1966 Ferrari 330 GT Speciale is slated for unveiling at the 2018 Quail Motorsports Gathering, a well-deserved honor for this rare gem.


330GT Photo

1960sWhile in an American bookshop in Mexico City, Mr. Fernandez finds this photo in an old copy of Ferrari Handbook. “This is the car I like.”

ferrari 330gt balsa wood model

1960sWith only one photo, Mr. Fernandez carves a small model out of balsa wood in one night.

1980sMr. Fernandez comes across issues of Cavallino and Road & Track that confirm his instincts are correct. He uses the new information and photos to revise his small model.

ferrari 330 details

1980sThere are details on the car that do not suit his taste. The 330 was initially created for competition, so some concessions must be made. The car “was a bit too lean for [his] taste.” So, with great respect for the Michelotti design, Mr. Fernandez takes “the liberty of making it a little bit fatter” and gives the car a wider stance. He also decides to add a trunk.

2000sWith his newly imagined design complete, Mr. Fernandez finds a gentleman in Buenos Aires to craft a larger model of the car out of foam and plastic.

2004Mr. Fernandez comes to the conclusion that he needs a Ferrari 330 because its wheelbase and track suits his needs. After researching several promising leads, he finds a great deal in NYC.

2000sMr. Fernandez and his wife visit the Scallegeti factory in Modena, Italy. While he is busy figuring out a way into the factory, his wife finds an open door. She walks in and speaks with the workers who share the production process with her. Mr. Fernandez never makes it inside.

2000sWith information from the factory visit, a bare 330 chassis, and a rebuilt engine, Mr. Fernandez finds a Sicilian mechanic from Argentina. The mechanic rebuilds the engine and makes all necessary modifications to the chassis.

2000sWeeks go by, and the Sicilian informs Mr. Fernandez he cannot continue working on the 330. The project is at a standstill.

ferrari 330gt arrives at the creative workshop

2015The 330 arrives at The Creative Workshop. Mr. Fernandez explains his current situation. Jason and the team agree to take on the project.

ferrari 330gt primer

2016-2017Creative works tirelessly over the next few years to rebuild the 330 the way Mr. Fernandez has envisioned for so long.

ferrari 330gt interior complete

2018Creative’s determination and dedication are undeniable.The car is absolute perfection. Mr. Fernandez’s dream is now his reality.

ferrari 330gt unveiled

2018The Car was unveiled at Quail and was featured in the Long Road To Monterey TV Show.


- Jose Fernandez

Concept A traditional, handcrafted coachbuilt speciale. It is simply an homage to the Michelloti-designed, Vignale-bodied racing Ferraris of the early 1950’s, namely the 1951 Ferrari 340 America.

  • Body Hand formed aluminum body.
    2 door, 2 seat Berlinetta. See More
  • Chassis Original, modified Ferrari 330 GT Chassis. Tubular Steel.
  • Engine Matching numbers, modified Ferrari 330 Columbo 60-degree V12, 3967cc, SOHC, 24 valve, 8.8:1 compression ratio. See More
  • Performance HP: 296
    lb ft. torque: 240
  • Fuel Delivery Triple Weber 40 DCZ.
  • Transmission Matching numbers, original Ferrari 330 GT 5 speed Transmission.
  • Front suspension independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs over telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar. See More
  • Rear suspension Modified original 330 GT rear suspension with coil over shock absorbers and adjustable drag links. See More
  • Steering Original worm and roller steering box.
  • Brakes 4 wheel performance disc brakes.
  • Wheels & Tires Factory made Borrani Record Wire wheels and knockoffs. 6 x 16 on all corners. Pirelli 185R16.
  • Weight 2606 lbs
    51% front
    49% rear
  • DimensionsOverall Length: 152”
    Overall Height: 49.5”
    Wheelbase: 95”
    Track: 51”
    Ground Clearance: 5”
  • Exterior Color Ferrari Rosso Chiaro. See More
  • Interior Trim Hand crafted, authentically created Saddle Brown Vaumol leather. See More
  • Additional Parts Original Nardi Steering wheel, Marchal headlights, Triberti Driving lights, Magnetti Marelli horn, Jaeger gauges, Magnetti Marellli nail key.

I did the Ferrari because I like the Ferrari, and I think I could do it myself….I never asked anybody if it could be done. I just did it and that’s it. -Jose Fernandez

Actually, there is no other
Ferrari like this. - Jose Fernandez

Thank you to Mr. Fernandez in choosing The Creative Workshop to help realize his dream.

Thank you to The Charis Culture, Cool Coconut Studios and Skylabs for helping tell Mr. Fernandez’s story.

Thank you to The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering for having the 330 unveiled Friday, August 24, 2018.

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