The creative workshop service

There are many unique aspects to the service, repair & maintenance of a classic vehicle - their needs and requirements are completely different than a modern car.

Treating a classic car in the same manner as a modern one, can result in a great deal of unnecessary damage to your prized possession.

the creative workshop service

From parts availability and compatibility issues to long term storage considerations to adverse reactions to modern chemicals, oils and gas - understanding what a classic car requires is something that can only be gained with experience. Being a “good mechanic” isn’t necessarily good enough.

the creative workshop service

When something does break - and all machines eventually do - working through the problem and ensuring it is properly fixed to original manufacturer's specification takes an experienced, methodical approach.

In far too many instances, “band-aid” repairs are made on classics - altering a car's originality or masking the underlying problem with a quick fix.

the creative workshop service

The time and resources it takes to truly get the job done correctly is longer and more involved than most shops understand.

Our Clients trust us with their cars for good reason: our experience and attention to detail ensures that when one of their cars needs attention, it will be handled correctly.

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